Sandy Beige Color - Hair Contouring How-To | Wella Professio

Learn how to do the perfect summer hair contouring for long hair! Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist Petra Brockmann teaches you how to become a hair contouring expert by showing you how to recreate this gorgeous Sandy Beige color that is feminine, soft, and chic. To create this look, Petra used a combination of our renowned color formulas and techniques to give the style a delicate, bohemian look. Petra began first by clipping the top center section of the hair up and making very light diagonal sections of the side and back sections of hair so as to apply alternating color formulas (A and B) to the parts before wrapping them in foil. Once the sides and back are complete, Petra went through and applied color formula C to the uncolored strands of hair between the foils. She then developed and washed the hair and added the formula D mixture. To finish up this gorgeous look, she repeated the washing process and revealed the gorgeous Sandy Beige color that we’re all in love with! Color Formulas A: Blondor Freelights + Blondor Freelights Developer 6% B: Magma/17 + Blondor Freelights Developer 9% C: Magma 17 + Color Touch Emulsion 4 % D: Color Touch 9/97 + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the latest hair trends and get notified every time we upload a new video! SHOP OUR PRODUCTS ONLINE on -- Want more Wella Professionals? Connect with us! – Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Find a Wella salon! http://